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Are we the best? Probably.

Sharing the best with The Caribbean

About Us

Our purpose is our search for great tasting products in unusual territories. We care about the best; best tasting and the best quality that the world has to offer at reasonable prices. We are proud to be the supplier of choice for prestigious products within the UK and the Caribbean.

The Caribbean

Our goal is to introduce our specially sourced wines from such far flung places as South Africa. What better island to bring awareness of our wines than Jamaica with its burgeoning wine connoisseurs; wide variety of hotels; wine clubs and sophisticated retail outlets. We will, of course, be duplicating our refined service to neighbouring Caribbean islands over the next five years.

Our Wines

Our point of differentiation from other wine distributors is our exclusive agency brands which range from premium South African range such as the Lord’s Wines to boutique wine producers such as the Boulder Bay wines.

We are proud to be the wines supplier of choice for many prestigious clients such as 5 star hotels in the Caribbean, wine clubs and other on-trend outlets. We are also increasingly supplying more specialist retailers with both our premium and medium priced ranges.

Our Teas

Our wonderful brand of floral teas; specifically made from the best ingredients; an aromatic infusion which indulges not only the tastebuds but the visible senses. Made from whole and broken leaf teas sourced from the finest pickings from the world’s best tea growing regions; these are quality teas which bursts with floral beauty.

Our Cheese

We also have a large variety of cheeses of excellent provenance. Carefully selected from the Cheddar Gorge the cheeses are hand made using local unpasteurised milk and include an award winning authentic cheddar cheese which is matured in the cave from six (6) months to twenty (20) months. Other cheeses on offer are those matured to a natural blue, as well as the wide range of flavoured cheeses.

“Come, Cook With Us”

Contact us for menus we recommend to accompany our wines; easy recipes for the itinerant cook or to impress your guests at your dinner parties.